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About Us brings support to Nepal Jonang Buddhist Institute. Its students travel from isolated villages in the Himalayan Mountains to Nepal Jonang Buddhist Institute to receive an education, as well as to gain the opportunity for a promising future.


We accept donations to support the children who attend Jonang Monastery. The students are provided with essentials which they may not have in their isolated village home in the Himalayan Mountains. Just some of these include nutritious meals, clean clothing, and medicine.

How to Help

Little Lama Family Sponsorship Program

You may choose to sponsor a student monk in the following 3 categories. The sponsorship amount for each category is $360.00 per year.

  1. Essential and basic daily needs: food, clothing, and medication.
  2. Administrative and education expenses: the cost of the facility, electricity, water, books, stationary, etc. All of the teachers work as volunteers and do not receive salaries.
  3. New School at Pharping: room and board expenses for each student at Pharping. Sponsorship in this category will greatly help in completing the construction of the new home and school for the students.

Please email us at if you are interested in becoming a sponsor. Please include the category or categories you would like to sponsor.

Volunteer Teaching

Become a volunteer teacher at Jonang Monastery in Kathmandu, Nepal.


  1. 21 years old or older.
  2. College degree (ie. BA or higher). Volunteer experience is preferred. Teaching experience is a plus.
  3. Able to commit to a minimum of three full months at the monastery. There is no maximum, visa permitting.
  4. Volunteering, kindness, and compassion should be your top priority. An interest in ancient culture, art, the monastic education and lifestyle will be helpful.
  5. Able to be independent in a non-Western country, where you may not speak the local language.

You are responsible for all the expenses of this trip including the cost of staying in Kathmandu during your stay. The monastery can provide three simple meals per day at fixed daily meal times.

Please email us your resume to if you think you are qualified and please indicate when you can arrive to teach.

Methods of Donation

Via Western Union (Receiver Information)

First Name:
Citizenship Certificate Number:

Wire Transfer

Nepal Jonang Buddhist Institute
G.P.O Box No. 21699, Tusal, Kathmandu, Nepal.
Bank of Kathmandu Ltd
Account Number:
P.O. Box: 9044, Head Office, Kamal Pokhari, Kathmandu, Nepal.



For all general inquires, including information about the organization, donations, or volunteering, please email us at

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G.P.O Box No. 21699
Kathmandu 44600